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7 Powerful SAAS Tools, In One ULTIMATE
Traffic Suite

Pagewatcher: Track Competitor/Guru Ads

Live-track the ads from the pages of all your competitors, gurus or anyone else. You'll be notified every time they release an ad.

Know what your competition or favorite marketer is up to and stay ahead of the trends.

Not another ad library filled with irrelevant and old ads. The Pagewatcher gives you the latest info always.

Hidden Audience Finder: Get Cheaper Clicks & Better RoI

There are tens of thousands of audiences that are not shown in the audience finder of Facebook’s Ad Manager.

The hidden audience finder lets you exploit these audiences, ripe for you to run your ads and profit from.

Get cheaper clicks, better conversions and customers that aren’t targeted to death already.

Behavioral Retargeter: Get Higher Conversions With Behavioral Retargeting

Facebook retargeting works, but you can boost your conversions 300% if you use Behavioral retargeting.

AdPlify brings you supercharged retargeting that lets you reach out specifically to highly engaged customers.

Find & target your super-customers. People who will buy faster and more.

Page Targeter: Get Market Intelligence & Audiences From Competitor Pages

Ready to benefit from the hard work done by your competitors?

The Page-targeter lets you discover hidden audiences owned by the massive pages in your niche. Just take their audience and their customers!

Power your sales with the hard-work done by your competition.

Email-List To Audience: Continuous Retargeting For Your Autoresponder List

Imagine how many more sales would you make if as soon as a lead signed up to your list on your autoresponder, he was also retargeted on Facebook?

Strike the iron while it is hot.

No need to tediously export autoresponder lists and import them into Facebook. It happens continuously and automatically.

Target your customers on multiple platforms and make them convert faster.

Ad Decorator: Make Your Ads Pop Out in The Overcrowded Feed

Have you seen how some Facebook ads use emojis and really pop out?

AdPlify’s ad decorator lets you create highly noticeable ads in minutes. Click-Click, done!

Make your ads pop out and grab your customer’s attention every time.

RoI Calculator: Scale your ads intelligently & profitably

AI based RoI calculator helps you understand how much money you will make from your spend without having to actually spend it.

This easy to use Calculator will help you calibrate your ad spend to generate the maximum RoI (Return on Investment)

Turn a better profit from every dollar you spend on Facebook.

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AdPlify Gives You The Value of
7 Powerful Facebook SAAS Products

In One Insane Package

No doubt you have seen products charging a fat premium for just one of the features of AdPlify. Maybe you have even invested in one.

If you don't get AdPlify today, you would have to pay 7 times over and log-in and log-out all day into different SAAS products to get access to each feature.

AdPlify puts it all together in an awesome bundle.

Feature Alternative
Page-Ad Watcher
  • Included
PowerAdsSpy @ $49 per month
Hidden Audience Finder
  • Included
Interest Explorer @ $97
Page Targeter
  • Included
No Alternative
Email-List To Audience
  • Included
Connectexplore @ $47 per month
Ad Decorator
  • Included
No Alternative
Behavioral Retargeting
  • Included
Connectretarget @ $47 per month
RoI Calculator
  • Included
PowerAdsSpy @ $49 per month
Cost 1 Simple Price $240 For the first month

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Our Customers & Beta-Users Love AdPlify
Here’s What They Said

Jay Guidry Bey

This is exactly what I been looking for to take my FB ad ROI to exponential growth.

Mitch Ripke

With owning 6 of your other tools, this becomes the FINAL weapon in my arsenal. I have not been disappointed with any of the others, and undoubtedly will complete my marketing.

Tony Inocentes

TeknikForce is the industry Leader I follow and trust for IM tools. Their innovative products are always well developed, streamline processes, increase sales and profits.

John Gaynor Green

Has there ever been any product that compares to this? I don't think so! This is an incredible time saving and efficient piece of software that is also way smarter than anything else you can find.

Padmi Vivi

This tool is a must have tool for every netpreneur that run fb ads.. this will help a lot in our business as well.

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Facebook Ads Not Profitable For You?
Let's Fix It Today! Read on


My name is Cyril “Jeet” Gupta, I am a veteran Internet marketer and I am here to help you with a problem that is killing your profits and preventing you from scaling.

Low RoI on Facebook ads.

Time to put this behind. Get higher conversions, save up to 50% in your ad expense and find your perfect customer with laser targeted efficiency to make even more sales and more profits from your Facebook ads.

AdPlify automates for you the solid strategies and ad research that only top marketers were able to do so far with their heavier purses and bigger teams.

Not now. It’s your turn now to use these strategies and claim those sales for yourself.

Here Are The Results We Got After We Implemented AdPlify’s Strategies On Our Ads

Tried, Tested & Found Effective In Highly Competitive
Conditions In The Real World

AdPlify Gives You The Combined Power Of 7 Popular SAAS Tools For Total Facebook Ads Domination

Module 1

AdPlify Page-Ad Watcher

Track anyone on Facebook and get their ads forever

  • Track ads from your competitors & gurus.
  • Always know what ad angles and promotion strategies your market is using.
  • Get instant notification as soon as your competitor goes live with a new ad.
  • Create your own ad strategy with perfect knowledge. Beat competition hollow every time.
  • Discover the latest ad trends and conversion strategies in the market.
  • Build a library of ads that you care about. No getting lost in thousands of irrelevant ads.
  • Reveals everything including, headline, pitch, image or video, call to actions & links to the final landing page.
  • Discover new ideas, angles and trends for your own ads.

Page-Ad Watcher Demo

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Module 2

Hidden Insights & Audiences Finder

Find High-Profit Audiences That Facebook's Ad Manager Hides From You

  • Find the perfect audience for your niche or product.
  • Find your audience for any country or language.
  • Build your audience collection in campaigns and implement them in your ads in one go.
  • Get cheaper clicks and better results with audiences that aren’t being over-exploited by the competition.
  • Discover related audiences and get even more opportunities to run profitable ads.
  • Conduct more ad experiments to discover your most profitable market.

Hidden Audience Finder Demo

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Module 3

Behavioral Retargeting

Boost Your Conversions By 330% With Behavioral Retargeting

  • Retarget perfect customers based on how they behave on your site or landing page.
  • Identify your best potential customers and get best potential conversions.
  • Get more clicks, spend less on ads and get more sales and engagement.
  • Target people on factors like how much time they are on your site, which pages they visit, how much of your page they read and many more factors.
  • Run A/B tests for your ads and conduct market trials on best customers.
  • Make more profits per click. Perfect when you are trying to make high-cost markets profitable.

Behavioral Retargeter Demo

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Module 4

Page Targeter

Get the audiences & the strategies of top businesses in your niche

  • Search for any niche and find the top pages in that niche.
  • Exploit public audiences on large competitor pages by advertising to their followers.
  • Run ads targeting the audiences of pages and sell to a highly targeted audience.
  • Discover customer wants and create a perfect offer for your market.
  • Discover what competition is up to and use their ideas.
  • Get content ideas and learn how to make engaging content for your own business.
  • Get higher click-through rate, conversions and bigger sales numbers for lower ad spend.
  • Pinpoint the exact people who can be your customers and reach out.

Page Targeter Demo

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Module 5

Email List To Audience

Turn every lead into a buyer with instant list-to-Facebook retargeting

  • Instantly engage every sign-up on Facebook and supercharge conversions.
  • Improve retention, boost engagement and get lost customers to buy from you.
  • Promote your funnel upsells, offers and make extra profits per customer
  • Connects with all market leading autoresponders.
  • Run special offers, time limited promotions and discount codes to fresh list signups.
  • Follow a customer around and reach her whether it is his mailbox or Facebook.
  • Get cheaper clicks thanks to your internal audience and save money.
  • 100% Automated. Just connect and forget.

Email List To Audience Demo

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Module 6

Ad Decorator

Make people stop scrolling everytime they see your ad

  • Stand out in the crowded feed and pull your customer in with the eyeballs.
  • Organize your ad content into sections and highlights easily.
  • Easy to use tool saves your time. Finish your ads in minutes!
  • Get more people to your landing page.
  • Make even boring copy look engaging, interesting and appealing.
  • Draw your customer’s attention exactly where you want, and make reading your ad a pleasure.
  • Increases CTR, and drops your ad costs.
  • Promotes urgency, scarcity and gets you more traffic.

Ad Decorator Demo

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Module 7

RoI Calculator

Scale your ads profitably without paying first

  • Save money by analyzing what’s the minimum you must spend to get the results you want.
  • Make projects and scale your ads. See what you will make or lose.
  • Compare the profitability of different campaigns and find out which will do better if scaled.
  • Save dozens of hours that you will have to spend in analysis otherwise.
  • Makes it easy for you to estimate your ad costs and costs for your clients.
  • Never run a campaign blind again. Make proper use of the tests you run.
  • Helps reduce costs and save money while getting you better results every time.
  • Powerful algorithm devised to give you credible results.

RoI Calculator Demo

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Making Profit & Sales From Facebook
Doesn’t Have To Be A Constant &
Endless Battle

Problem: It’s Hard To Build Ads That Work

Making ads that actually get the clicks is so hard. Sure, you may have access to some old ads databases but all of the ads are out of your niche or too old. Nothing is relevant anymore.


Track your competition & favorite marketers with AdPlify Page-Ad Watcher & use their ideas

Problem: Return of Investment on Retargeting Is Too Little

Retargeting works, but you’re not earning as much money as you used to. Each month the clicks are getting more expensive and sales are falling.


Use AdPlify’s Behavioral retargeting to fine-tune your retargeting to super-customers and make more sales.

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Problem: Everyone’s Cannibalizing The Same Audiences

Facebook Ads manager exposes a limited number of audiences and everyone ends up running their ads to them, driving up ad costs and reducing profits for all.


Use AdPlify’s Hidden Insights & Audience Finder to get audiences that are underexploited and deliver better RoI

Problem: You Want To Target Market Leader's Audience But Can't

You can’t find what others are doing. There is no way to spot trends, customer desires, or to engage with customers of other players in your market.


Use AdPlify’s Page Targeter to find big and small pages in your niche and even discover Page audiences that you can run ads to.

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Problem: Your Lists Aren't Getting You Sales

People sign up to your list and mailing goes only so far. You wish you had a way to constantly engage them and get them to convert for all sorts of products.


Get more sales by continuously sending your autoresponder leads to Facebook & retargeting them while they are hot.

Problem: Nobody is clicking on your ads

You are inspired by the beautifully made ads in your feed that draw your eyes, but making similar ads is insanely difficult and time consuming..


AdPlify’s Ad Decorator will have you churning out eye-catching ads and content in no time.

Problem: Your profit dies every time you try to scale up

You don’t know what ads are scalable and what are not. More often than not you end up scaling wrong ads and wasting money while the real winners stay hidden.


Use AdPlify’s RoI calculator to project ad profits and spot the ads that are scalable.

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Special: Get Agency Rights & Sell To Local Clients

Local Businesses Are Desperate For Some Help
In Facebook Marketing

The Pandemic has turned the traditional business model on the head. Conventional sales systems are collapsing as people spend more time indoors.

Trips, outings, visits to the mall, restaurants and even offices are down; and social media time has gone up.

There’s only one way to reach your customers now - the Internet.

Earn by helping thousands of desperate
businesses with Facebook ads

With Physical Retail Dead, Every Business Is Looking Online For Customers


Decline in Physical Retail sales this year

Physical retail sales shrunk by 60% this year and many retail brands have closed shop.


Share of digital advertising in total advertising

Digital advertising is now the preferred medium of every advertiser to reach their customer


Growth logged in Amazon’s Revenue

Amazon logged a sharp 40% growth in sales revenues post Covid-19 pandemic.


Growth clocked in grocery sales online

Grocery sales online have grown by a whopping 30% already.


Growth clocked in E-com sales this year

There’s a 20% jump in e-com sales even in the depressed market.


Small businesses want to do more marketing online

Every small business is trying to be found online, and this is your opportunity to help them and charge for it.

Use The Market Demand To Get New Long-term Clients For Your Agency

Even with the vaccine the pandemic will take a long time to be over and in reality the world will never go to the same place again. The strong focus on finding customers online is here to stay and every business is looking desperately for a way.

This is where you enter the picture.

Give local businesses the leads, the customers and the sales that they are desperately looking for.

You won’t even have to sell anything. Every business is aware of the high impact of Facebook and Facebook ads.

All you need to do is show them how you can do it better than anyone else with your AdPlify..

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

Get Instant Access To AdPlify

AdPlify Opens Up Multiple Profit Opportunities
For You To Tap Today

  • Help Other Businesses & Book Your Profits
  • Tell local businesses what their competitors are up to & get paid
  • Use the Insight Explorer give businesses access to ‘Hidden audiences’ that can get them more sales
  • Get paid for market research & finding page audiences for any local using the Page Targeter
  • Supercharge the retargeting for other using Behavioral Retargeting & claim your profits
  • Help businesses make more sales from their Lists using Email-list to Audience & take a share
  • Turn boring ads into killer ads and charge for it
  • Use the RoI Calculator to project ad-spend vs. profits & take a consultation fee

These are but a few of the ideas that you can implement to turn AdPlify into a massive profit churner. You can do some of them, or even all of them and charge anything from a one-time fee to a monthly retainer from businesses.

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Choose The Right Option For Yourself


Buys into the hype and pays 20x for less

Smart Marketer

Gets AdPlify with 7 powerful SAAS capabilities for 1 Simple Price

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Stop Paying More For
Your Ads & Getting Less Results

  • Stop marketing to the same over-exploited audiences.
  • Stop letting other marketers capitalize all the trends and opportunities.
  • Stop starving for market & audience while the big pages grab them all.
  • Stop making ads that nobody even glances at again.
  • Stop letting perfectly good leads go unused because you didn’t reach them on Facebook.
  • Stop spending too much money on ads only to find your ads don’t work.

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

Get Instant Access To AdPlify

Start Saving Money on Ads & Making
More Sales Per Click

  • Get fresh ideas and capitalize on trends that your competition is targeting.
  • Find hidden audiences that aren’t overexposed to your competitor ads yet.
  • Target pages in your niche to grab their audience and marketing.
  • Feed your leads into audiences and get a huge conversion boost instantly.
  • Fine-tune your retargeting to target your super-customers and get an insane RoI.
  • Save your money by making projections that tell you what you can scale and what you can’t.

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

Get Instant Access To AdPlify

Limited Time Offer #1

Also Get Commercial Rights & Use
AdPlify For Your Clients

Every single business owner is looking to be found online and now you can help them using AdPlify.

Get AdPlify now and you will also get a Commercial License which authorizes you to do Facebook ad marketing for your clients.

Run their ads, get them market intelligence and help them get profitable on Facebook.

You can even transform their existing ads and supercharge them for more profits.

Charge them for the service or even give them away free as an add-on to your existing marketing offers.

7 Ways You Can Profit From
AdPlify Commercial Rights

Way #1

Offer to give them updates whenever their competition releases a new ad so that they can pivot

Way #2

Sell them hidden audiences perfect for their niche

Way #3

Make their ads look awesome by decorating them

Way #4

Sell them market data and page audiences

Way #7

Do their ad cost projections and develop winning strategies

Way #6

Implement behavioral retargeting for them

Way #5

Connect their email lists to their Facebook audiences

Way #1

Offer to give them updates whenever their competition releases a new ad so that they can pivot

Way #2

Sell them hidden audiences perfect for their niche

Way #3

Make their ads look awesome by decorating them

Way #4

Sell them market data and page audiences

Way #5

Connect their email lists to their Facebook audiences

Way #6

Implement behavioral retargeting for them

Way #7

Do their ad cost projections and develop winning strategies

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

Get Instant Access To AdPlify

Limited Time Offer #2

Get AdPlify & We’ll Also Give You The Training
To Maximize Your Traffic

Tools are fantastic but tools + knowing how to use them is SUPERB!

Buy AdPlify today and we will also give you the powerful video course that we have created to help marketers like you grab the maximum traffic and profits from Facebook.

Use the software, learn the training and you’ll get 3x or 4x the results from AdPlify.

Make use of this limited time offer and grab AdPlify because the training is going to be a paid add-on not long from now.

Built by a top marketer, this comprehensive video training starts from scratch, guiding you through the principles of using Facebook to get traffic that converts.

The worth of this training alone is more than what we’re asking for the software + training.

Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your business performance.

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

Get Instant Access To AdPlify

Limited Time Offer #3

Unlimited Access To The Biggest Stock
Collection Of Images, Cliparts, GIFs,
Videos & Audio Files

Want to make great ads? You need great graphics.

Get AdPlify and we will give you all the graphics you will ever need. is the biggest collection of stock media assets with images, cliparts, animated gifs, videos and audio files.

Make amazing static or video ads without spending 100s of dollars buying stock assets from expensive websites.

AdPlify gets you everything you need right here.

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

Get Instant Access To AdPlify

What You Get - Recap

  • AdPlify Ad Tracker
  • AdPlify Audience Finder
  • AdPlify Page Targeter
  • AdPlify Email-list To Audience
  • AdPlify Behavioral Targeting
  • AdPlify Ad Decorator
  • AdPlify RoI Calculator
  • Commercial License
  • Agency License (10 Sales)
  • 1 Year Free Update
  • 24/6 Support
  • Facebook Training
  • Stock Assets Library

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

Get Instant Access To AdPlify

Money Back Guarantee

Making up your mind is hard, especially when it’s a new technology that you haven’t tried yet. Well, we really want you to have the first mover’s advantage, and that’s why we are prepared to bear all the risk.

Here’s our guarantee!

Buy AdPlify Elite, and use it for up to 30 days risk-free. If you don’t like what it does for you and your business, just us know within 30 days through a support ticket at and we will refund you 100% of the money!

Don't Miss The Best Price On Adplify


Adplify Elite Monthly

Create 5 Accounts


Adplify Elite Yearly

Create 10 Accounts

  • Watch up to 5 Competitors
  • Target Up to 10 Pages
  • Connect Up To 10 Lists
  • Behavioral targeting for 5 pages
  • Do 20 audience searches per day
  • Calculate RoI for 5 campaigns daily
  • Need more? Get this and look inside

Support Guarantee

Bad support can destroy your investment and happiness. When you buy from Teknikforce you get the guarantee of good quality support.

  • 24 x 7 Live Chat Support Guarantee

    We have 24 x 7 chat support here. Yes, if you ever have any issues using Adplify Elite, just come to this website and talk to our live support agent. We are always here to guide you.

  • 24 Hours Ticket Response Guarantee

    When you open a ticket with us, you’ll get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

  • Live Assistance Guarantee

    Having trouble making something work? Our tech agents will help you on Skype and on Teamviewer / Ultraviewer to fix your problem.

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Our Customers Love Our High-Value Products And AdPlify Is No Exception

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to install anything?

A: No, it’s made to be simple. It’s easy to use SAAS (web based), and with our training, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Q. Will I get support?

A: Absolutely. We give you 24 hours support and make sure we do everything to help you get the best results from AdPlify

Q. Will it be improved?

A: Yes, we always maintain and grow our software. You can look forward to increased functionality and support for more features in the coming months.

Commercial & Agency Rights Included

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Your business can’t do without webinars and if you don’t get AdPlify today you’ll also lose the opportunity to do Facebook ad marketing for others. Don’t lose this chance. Get your AdPlify.