10 Ways To Generate Free Leads From Facebook

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Want to grow your business? You’re on the right place.

With a daily active user count of over 1.98 billion, Facebook is possibly the best platform to reach out to new audiences and expand your business. The platform is designed to help you get found easily, promote your content, and develop your brand identity.

Every business owner knows the significance of lead generation from Facebook. Attracting new leads from Facebook and turning them into paying customers is one of the most important reasons why you should prefer Facebook marketing.

There are many ways to get leads from Facebook but one way to get an incoming stream of leads is through advertising on Facebook. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best ways to generate leads from Facebook that can help you get more and more customers. Before starting, let’s discuss why lead generation is important for your business.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of getting leads by building interest in a product or service. Business owners can create campaigns that allow customers to fill out forms using the lead generation objective.

Generating leads that eventually turn into active customers is something all businesses need. All you have to do is apply smart strategies to get more leads for your business. 

Facebook has been recognized as the most efficient platform for lead generation as it allows business owners to connect with more customers than any other platform. 

Studies have also shown that Facebook is a better platform to generate more leads and increase sales.

Why Is Lead Generation Important For Your Business?

Below are some reasons that prove lead generation is really helpful for your business. 

  • Lead generation can expand your market
  • It can help you grow your following
  • With the help of lead generation, you can get more customer reviews
  • Lead generation can help you boost your revenue and grow your business
  • Helps to find more potential customers
  • It increases brand awareness
  • Saves a lot of money as it’s a cost effective method

10 Ways To Generate Leads From Facebook

There are 2 types of leads you can get from Facebook— direct leads and indirect leads.

A direct lead is generated by sharing content that links directly back to a lead form which is on your website whereas an indirect lead is generated by using Facebook on the path to conversion.

But how will you get these leads?

Here are the 10 proven ways that can help you generate leads easily on Facebook:

1. Join Facebook groups & talk about your business

You must have heard about Facebook groups, right? Have you ever tried finding groups that belong to your niche? If you haven’t, you should now!

Facebook groups are of 2 types— private & public. In private groups, you have to send a joining request and in public groups, you just have to click on the ‘Join’ button.

Start joining the groups that belong to your niche and interact with the group members. Talk about your business in the group and you may find a lot of leads from there. Make sure you do not spam the group with your website links else you may get banned from the group.

2. Offer some rewards to prospects

If you want people to share their personal information with you, you have to offer something in return to them. The reward can be a discount coupon, a free download, or even a product sample.

A good incentive shows the customers that you value their information. You must share your value proposition upfront so that your prospects understand what they are signing up for.

3. Add a CTA button

Call-to-actions are one of the most important lead generation tactic you would never want to miss out on. CTAs are important as it helps the audience to determine what their next step is going to be.

Facebook has a feature where it allows its users to add a CTA button at the top of their pages. It’s a simple but a powerful way to drive traffic directly from Facebook to your website.

Also, it’s important to add CTAs to your Facebook posts as well so that audiences can understand what will be their next step after reading your post.

4. Post blogs that can generate the most leads

One good way of generating leads from Facebook is by choosing to post the blogs that can generate the most leads. You can use blog insights to do the same. 

Your blog topic should intrigue your audience to click and read your blog. Make sure you use a compelling blog topic. A secret tip- You can generate more leads from Facebook by posting blog posts containing anchor text CTAs in the introduction.

5. Use Facebook live videos 

Facebook live videos allow anyone to broadcast videos from their mobile device straight to their Facebook feed. These videos are more spontaneous than regular marketing videos.

You can generate leads by creating a live video to promote your business. Also, add a verbal CTA to the video. You will notice when you first start live streaming, you may have zero people watching, but in some time, people start joining in.

Secret tip- Everytime you start a live video, make sure you give an interesting title to compel your followers join your live stream.

6. Run a Giveaway

Who doesn’t love contests and giveaways? Everyone does! They are fun and can help you grow your reach, drive traffic to your website, and also generate leads.

Your giveaway should aim at generating leads. You must publish posts that include attractive featured images or videos, and a link to your giveaway page where the prospects can fill out their details into your lead forms.

This is considered one of the most successful lead generation techniques.

7. Leverage user-generated content

Looking for a free and easy way to get some organic Facebook leads? Try user-generated content.

Wondering what is user generated content?

User-generated content is anything that is posted by people rather than brands. It can be images, videos, infographics, reviews, etc.

You can run a campaign with a hashtag and ask your followers to share a picture of them using your product. This is a great way to generate leads for free.

8. Try Facebook Advertising 

Facebook advertising is an effective way to reach more audiences and turn them into customers. If you are new to creating ads, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to run your Facebook ads:

  • Select a marketing objective
  • Identify the demographics that describe your target audience
  • Determine where you want to run your ads
  • Determine your ad budget
  • Determine the duration of ads
  • Choose from the Facebook’s six ad formats
  • Run your ad

Sometimes Facebook ads can be costly so you can use tools like AdPlify which will help you create amazing ads and also track your competitors’ ads to make yours stand out.

9. Pin the lead generation offers at the top

Pinning a post differentiates that post with the rest of the posts by highlighting it at the top.

It will remain at the top of your page until you remove it. So, whenever a person visits your page, the pinned post will be the first post they’ll see.

All you need to know is to understand your audience’s personas and keep a record of the kind of posts that work great for your business. You can pin any kind of posts, be it Facebook live videos, images, texts, polls, and so on.

10. Post your landing page on Facebook

One of the best lead generation tips is to share your landing page directly on Facebook. It can redirect the users to fill out a form when they land on the page. It is an easy step but you need to present your page in a compelling way.

The three things that will be visible to your users are the caption, images, and the CTA button. You must optimize each of these and give users a clear idea of what you are offering. Design a compelling landing page and start attracting leads.


These are some of the best-proven ways to get more leads from Facebook. While promoting your business on Facebook, your chances of getting more customers will increase rapidly.

Using Facebook for lead generation can increase your page’s chance to grow and your website may start receiving more web traffic from Facebook. You must learn to use Facebook smartly as a medium of getting more and more convertible leads.

Let us know if you have any other way of generating Facebook leads.

Thanks for reading!

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